Nicki Minaj Exposed Online - See Her Nude Here

Nicki Minaj Getting Married To Meek Mill! Safaree Samuels Must Be Mad

So, not sure if you heard of the juicy rumors, but Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill most likely are getting married this weekend and NYC. The couple were spotted making arrangements with a wedding planner a few days ago in the big city and they both seemed to be gleaming with joy. Good for them! They are a cute couple! We wonder what Safaree Samuels thinks about this though....

According to some reports, Mr. Samuels was pretty upset when Nicki broke up with him and couldn't understand how she moved on so fast to Meek Mill. Safaree is a pretty stand up guy though and kept his cool when reporters asked him about the break up - he simply said it will remain personal. That's pretty rare these days, it seems that in the entertainment industry couples are always stabbing each other in the back - it's awful.

Anyway, congrats to the engaged (if indeed they do get married)! I wonder what Nicki is going to be like as a wife - will she slow down her boomin' music career or will she keep being in the limelight while she's busy being a wifey! I guess we will have to see, but we hope she makes more time for music instead of making babies! 

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Nicki Minaj Shower Photos Exposed

Although Nicki Minaj hides behind makeup and elaborate costumes while she is performing on stage, the 31 year old is not afraid to let what she’s got out. Recently when she was on a vacation in Mexico, Nicki posted on Instagram and twitter what people had not seen before, from nude real hair shower photos to bikini booty photos. If you are thinking that was all, you will be surprised when you see the video to her new song 'Senile’.

Nicki Minaj is rapper with a free spirit and she always follows her drum beat. However, she has never done anything that is more mind blowing than her recent Miley Cyrus inspired flesh parade. 
Whether she is at the beach with a bikini or dressed in leather and chains shooting a video or wearing nothing at all, it seems from Nicki’s Instagram photos that she does not want to leave anything to the imagination. Even though the photos did not increase her album sales, there is no argument that they gave her plenty of attention.

She clearly loves showing herself naked, especially when she is taking a shower.

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Is Nicki Minaj Hip Hop or Not??

Nicki Minaj has been caught up in some drama between her and a hit New York Radio Station called Hot 97. What exactly started the feud? Well, during an interview between Hot 97's DJ Peter Rosenburg and Minaj, he insulted her hit single 'Starship' to her face. Obviously Minaj wasn't going to stand for this, especially since she has been hearing lots about how she is more pop than hip hop lately. He was quoted as referring to Starship as 'F*cking B*llsh*t'- OUCH! That one cut Minaj and her team, which includes Lil Wayne, deep. Lil Wayne and Minaj immediately pulled out of the Summer Jam concert which Minaj was set to perform in shortly after the interview took place.

Was this the best idea? Definitey not, because at the end of the day the missed performance only hurt her fans not DJ Rosenburg, and without fans an artist is nothing. Dr Dre, who also is part of Minaj's team, also came out saying he didn't support the decision for Minaj to cancel her appearance, but also claims that DJ Rosenburg was out of line and if Minaj wasn't considered hip hop then neither was Eminem. These are fighting words for sure, and the drama is still unfolding. Minaj and her team aren't going to forget what happened, and are refusing to ever appear on this radio station again despite being invited back next year. DJ Peter Rosenburg is also standing by his opinion, claiming that he still believes the song Starship is 'corny and whack'... stay tuned!

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Nicki Minaj Nipples Slip Out

nicki minaj nipples

Nicki Minaj was performing live for audiences in Central Park this morning when her nipple came popping out of her top.  The show was for Good Morning America, and live viewers got quite the treat from the exploding black diva.  Nicki Minaj is generally known for her huge booty, but this time we got to see her tits exposed.  Who knew Nicki Minaj had fake boobs?  Enjoy that nipple!

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Nicki Minaj Sex Appeal

Nicki Minaj's sex appeal is outta control, and she puts it all on display in her latest, just released music video for her hit song Super Bass. This song is definitely more 'Pop' than her other hip hop hits, so it may leave her fans confused and wondering which genre her music really fits into. But either way, this song is a super smash hit and will no doubt be a summer anthem blasting in cars everywhere. Perhaps this new, more 'Pop' style will fit her better in her current career considering she is about to go on tour with Britney Spears for her Femme Fatale album. Yea, we were kind of surprised when we heard she would be touring with Pop's biggest icon, Britney Spears. It doesn't really seem to fit with Minaj's style of music, but hey, everyone needs a job! But back to the music video, this vid has everything from different colored wigs, to push up bras, ice motorcycles, spandex onesies, and blacklights with lap dances! Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Minaj promised her fans that she would be doing things in this video that she's never done before, so we were alll anticipating some nude scenes, a little nipple or ass, but no such luck! Instead, we didn't really see anything that Minaj hasn't done before. In one scene she's in a pink spandex suit riding an ice motorcycle, and at one point she humps it, which is totally hot, but would have been way better if Minaj was doing it naked. In another scene, her tits are pushed up to her chin in a super push up push up bra and her shorts are unbuttoned showing her thong, as she dances around with look-a-like back up dancers. A third scene shows Minaj wearing a green wig in a super sexy bikini (almost nude!) with strappy heels, poolside with lots of dudes as they splash in pink water.  At one point she seductively pours a champagne glass full of thick pink water down her tits, it's so hot! This music video is like a soft porn, we can't get enough of it. It's this pool scene that we get a side glimpse of her famous ass, an ass that would put Kim K's to shame! But the final scene and outfit change is definitely the hottest, dripping with sex! It shows Minaj and her look-a-likes in a dark room and they all have a guy sitting on a chair that they are giving lap dances too under a blacklight. All we can see are the skin tight one pieces they are wearing, their big lips, and big hair. This video is amazing, if you can't get any porn this is the next best thing!

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Nicki Minaj Vs Lil Kim

The feud between these two heats up! Just like every other star fight these days, these two took to their Twitter accounts to lash out against one another. These two have had tension from the start, Lil Kim was definitely jealous of Minaj's success and claimed Minaj should have thanked her and mentioned her as a main influence. Umm... pretty sure that Minaj is nothing like Lil Kim and doesn't owe her a thing! They do kind of have similar styles, but Minaj is what's hot today, Lil Kim was hot 10 years ago. Lil Kim is just mad because she's old, washed up, and can't get a job! Apparantly Kim has come out with a couple songs taking jabs at Minaj, but nobody has heard them, you can't even buy them you have to dig for them online to even hear them. Sorry Kim, but no one is listening to you, we are too busy listening to Nicki! Wendy Williams took to her show to comment on the matter, saying Kim needs to use her talents to get into another line of work because she's too old to act, and told Minaj that she should thank Kim at some point because she's not the first female rapper and definitely won't be the last. Minaj threw the first twitter jab at Kim, but quickly deleted the comments, unfortunately she wasn't fast enough and Kim saw them before they were deleted. Kim fired back in a nasty rant saying the following tweets:

What type of coward lame ass bitch tweets some shit and then deletes it. REAL bitches stand by what they say BOZO…

You cheap stocking cap glued $10 bag hair wig wearing bitch. Get a lace front!!! FYI Indian hair don't come in green BITCH…

You free lunch eating bitch…WHAT!!!

Bitch I see you crawling!!! I got my can of RAID. Come get it!!! #TwitterRoach !!!!

Wow, those are some harsh words. She can make fun of Minaj's hair all she wants, but she's at the top of her game right now and some dumb words won't bring her down at all. She's about to go on tour with Britney, released a sick remix with Spears and Kesha, another feature with Rihanna, and her debut album Pink Friday went platinum. At the end of the day, Lil Kim was a contestant on dancing with the stars, Minaj performed on the show. I think that says it all about who's hot right now, and who's not!


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